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Small cucumbers - a great opportunity
Peas benefit and harm
Treatment of garlic
Raw beetroot benefits and harms
Carrots benefits and harms
Sorrel benefit and harm
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Onions benefit and harm
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Savory benefit and harm
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Tomatoes, useful properties
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Types of facial skin tone and complexion
For oily skin mask and St. John`s wort drug
Whitening facial masks and different
Cleansing facials and St. John`s wort drug
Mature skin and age of wisdom
Care autumn skin care
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Types of facial skin tone and complexion.

Types of facial skin tone and facial skin, how to maintain the natural beauty?

Before proceeding to take action necessary to determine the form of the face, because the most effective will be properly fitted cream, masks, lotions, aromatherapy or other method of procedure, taking into account your skin.

Facial skin is normal, a rare form of skin - different elasticity, dullness, without shine, free of defects, smooth with a pink tinge.

Well tolerated weathering and washing with soap, but of course as with any skin care she needs.

To maintain the tone of the skin should be properly removed from the skin of sweat, dirt, sebum, dead skin dead skin cells.

Begin by washing your skin cleansing with soft water, patting and stroking during washing, it is necessary to strengthen the metabolism, blood circulation, nutrition and skin tone.

For soft water should be boiled for an hour and allowed to settle. You can soften the water added to 1 liter of water 0.5 - 1 teaspoon of baking soda or borax pharmacy.

You should give preference to the warm water, cold - dries the skin, hot - makes the skin flabby, flaccid. Wash with soft water in the morning and evening.

Facial skin dry different velvety, smooth, finesse, small pores, so the acne does not happen, but the wind and the sun, the temperature variation is detrimental affect it.

If you wash with soap and water, then tightens the skin, and then starts peeling.

In order to maintain skin tone spend washing procedure with water at room temperature, soft, morning and evening.

Softens the water a pinch of baking soda or borax and pharmacy boil. Use soap not more than 1 - 2 times a week.

Kind of skin fat differs enlarged pores, oily luster may be inflamed, irritated, but the tone of the skin better and last longer retains elasticity, resilience, youth and improves with age.

Kind of skin mixed, distributed and is expressed in a combination of skin face different types of skin, such as the cheeks - normal skin, chin, forehead, nose - oily skin, eyelids - dry skin.

Accordingly, care for mixed skin should be split.

If you do not have a final decision to which type of skin is your skin, you can put a napkin at a time to different parts of the face, and when more greasy spot - so the skin is oily, if there is no trace of fat - dry or normal.

Problem skin face, gives her owner a lot of worries, it is difficult to find the ideal, suitable means, did not respond to an allergic skin reaction or irritation.

For facial skin tone is good to use a mask based on the herb St. John`s wort, which is rich in essential oils, tannins, ascorbic and nicotinic acids, great for cleansing the skin and acts as anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.

Regularly using a mask for oily skin with herbs Hypericum perforatum, clean skin is achieved without: acne, acne, irritation and becomes smooth and clean.

For efficiency, the mask should be applied to it on the clean face, it is desirable for a more intense penetration of nutrients through the pores to deep clean the skin.

The first recipe for deep skin cleansing steam: take 1 tablespoon dried oregano herb or mother - and - stepmother, sage, chamomile, fall asleep in the boiling water, close the lid tightly and insist 5 - 7 minutes, and then hold your head over the steam cover with a towel before opening pores of the skin on the face;

The second recipe: lather your face and baby cream and taking a little salt gently rub into the skin in a circular motion for a soapy, then rinse with warm water;

The third recipe: use ready-made special peeling mixtures having carefully studied the method of application.

Apply the mask on your face gently with a cotton pad or brush in the direction of the massage lines, from the nose to the temples, from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the mouth to the ears, from the middle of the chin to the ears.

Pre-Eye put cotton pads moistened asleep, warm tea, can ringlets of fresh cucumber or potato on the area around the eye can not be applied to the mask, the skin is soft and delicate.

Take off the mask and gently, so as not to injure the skin with mineral water or plain with cotton pads or wipes, followed by application of a nutrient or moisturizer.

For the beauty of facial skin problem skin mask recipe: take a dry, crushed St. John`s Wort - 1 table spoon and pour hot water - 1 cup, insist 4:00.

Heated in a water bath olive oil - 1 teaspoon and mix with a strained infusion of St. John`s wort, add a raw egg yolk and everything is thoroughly mixed.

Apply the mask on your face for 20 minutes. wash off with cool water. advised to make a mask 2 - 3 times a week.

Site is not a guide to self-medication. Before using certain recipes require mandatory consultation of the doctor!

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